Thule Bike Racks

The Thule Group AB is a Swedish company that owns a wide range of transportation and outdoor storage products. Their automobile cargo carriers are an essential part of any vehicle, whether for business or pleasure. As of 2012, they have more than 4,700 retail points worldwide. They manufacture and sell a variety of brands and products including car rooftop racks, roof-racks, bike racks, and cargo trays. Here is a brief overview of their product line and where you can buy them.


First, there are different types of Thule. One of the most popular types of roof rack is the Aerodynamic Raised Edge. This design combines a foot and bar, reducing wind resistance and draught. In addition, the locking mechanism on these bars helps secure the load securely. Lastly, there is the Aerodynamic Raised Edge Thule. This style has an integrated foot. The Aerodynamic Raised Edge is available in black and silver colors.

The Thule Group was founded in 1942 by the Thulin family, who were avid outdoor enthusiasts. Founder Erik Thulin started out with a pike fishing trap, and added other useful products to his portfolio year after year. His innovative products proved to be a profitable business that grew steadily in the Scandinavian region. In fact, Thule’s business model has since become an industry standard and has earned the trust of many.

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