PPC vs SEO – Which is Right For Your Business?

seo vs. ppc


Both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are two effective marketing strategies that can help your brand to increase brand awareness. But they work better in different situations & conditions and you should choose which one is right for your business.

With both the strategies, your goal is to get more traffic to your website from the top of the search engine results page. The difference is that while organic SEO generates *FREE* traffic, pay per click is paid advertising and Google makes money by showing your ads on the top of the page.

The best thing about both the strategies is that they can work together to provide a holistic and long term solution for your business. However, if your budget is limited or you need to make a quick boost in traffic, PPC is likely to be the most appropriate option for you.

SEO is a longer term strategy and can take months or even years to start seeing the results you are looking for. It requires a lot of patience and investment into creating content, building links, getting your site design optimized and ensuring that you are using keywords that are relevant to your business.

Despite this, SEO is still an important tool to have in your marketing arsenal. When done correctly, it can bring highly targeted traffic to your site, increase brand credibility online and improve your search engine ranking.

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